Raising capital and awareness for women & minority owned businesses 

The primary purpose of business is to build wealth. 

Torch Enterprises is committed to assisting women and minority entrepreneurs and organizations to elevate their standard of business and legacy to wealth.   

In 2004, we believed capital was the primary issue impeding the growth and success of women and minority owned businesses.     12 years later our perspective has shifted.  While capital is an issue, we have found a need for long term strategies that include the wealth creation of both the business and its owner  are primary drivers to slow or almost no sustainable growth.

Desiring for more businesses to exit the financial wilderness  and get onto the road to wealth that can pass on for generations,  2016 marks a turning point for Torch Enterprises.  We are even more focused on working with clients who are committed to achieving the most with their businesses.  In support of this we  are launching a series of intensives for business owners desiring to see a direct return on their hard work.  Click below the area that best describes your business to learn more.  

Areas of Focus

Getting Started
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You have a product and an idea of how to make it happen... Now What?

Getting Postive Cashflow
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You have customers and things are moving... Why are you  still struggling?

Getting Funded
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You are profitable and growing thanks to debt...How about some equity?

About Pamela Jolly, Torch Enterpises Founder & CEO

Dr. Pamela Jolly 

When I started this business there were things I hoped for our communities  that were not possible yet. Times have changed.  The vision of elevating the standard of business and legacy to wealth in ways that pass on for generations will be a reality.   The time for Promise in our communities has come.
Ignite your flame today.  

Ready to Build Wealth Your Way?

We’re looking forward to meeting you and discussing the options available to solve your business problems. Torch aligns with some of the best strategists in the country adept at understanding the unique needs of you and your business.
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